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My First Impression of Mrs Garang

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My first impression of Mrs Garang

The name Garang is a big deal in southern Sudan. The late John Garang seems to be loved by so many people here. I visited is gravesite recently and there was woman praying.

It turned out her husband was one of Garang's body guards. She said she would vote on January 9 - otherwise Garang would have died in vain.

I wasn't expecting such love. It took me by surprise. I've met people who've said the man had his faults but credit him with getting the south to where it is today.

For many he is a leader - even in death - and they will never forget him.

So imagine how I felt when I heard I had been granted an interview with his widow Rebecca Garang.

The Garang's are like royalty here - I couldn't believe it.

What was I supposed to say to her? Would she dismiss me as another random journalist out for a ...

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