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Murder, Rape, And DNA

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DNA is the information needed by a cell in order to reproduce an
identical offspring. In some crimes detectives have no evidence or fingerprints
to tell who had committed a crime. Now there is a way of finding who has
committed the crime by a method called DNA Typing. DNA Typing is finding
bacteria or blood on clothing or skin and amplifying the gene. This process was
pioneered in the 1980's by a Scientist named Alec Jeffreys.

If blood, sperm, or any other human cells are left at the scene of a
crime, the DNA in the cells can be analyzed and compared with some DNA taken
from the suspect's blood. If they match, this information and testimony of a
scientist can be used to convict a rapist or murderer.

In the O.J. Simpson case DNA Typing was used. There was blood found
on various areas at the crime scene. The investigators ...

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