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Our country was founded on the belief in freedom. This freedom was meant for everyone. When our country was founded, many different cultures existed on our land. We abused other cultures because we did not understand them. The United States today is much different. We are a melting pot of cultures. Although our country was founded predominately by Caucasian males, our country today is run by black, white, men and women of all sorts of different ethnic backgrounds. This is why our country can be run so effectively. We understand many different cultures simply because we live with them everyday. Some argue that we need to keep people from being able to come into our country because they are not Americans. However, Americans are not defined by common race or ethnicity, but defined as a set of people who believe they are free and want to have a say in their government. Since someone from any culture can be American, multiculturalism has not exceeded the purpose for which it was intended. In our constitution it states that "all men are created equal," our nation was built by more than one culture, and the intentions of the idea of multiculturalism are to make the world totally free of any type of bigotry or racism.

The constitution stating that all men are created equal explains the general idea of multiculturalism. Every person has the opportunity to do whatever he or she wants with themselves. The individual has the same rights as any other person in our country. Every persons rights and beliefs are also protected by the United States and each person can express theirself or advertise their culture.

Our nation was built by more than one culture and is made up of many now. Our forefathers did not have exactly the same background and were not necessarily from the same culture. Today our country is made of hundreds of different cultures that strive for their goals. The goal of multiculturalism is to get them to strive for their goals along side with each other. Without the number of different cultures that we have today, our country would not be able to understand international relations as well. For example, if our country did not understand the cultures of the middle East, we could be in trouble. Our relations are great with so many countries and other cultures because as a country, we strongly believe in the idea of multiculturalism.

The intentions of the idea of multiculturalism are to make the world totally free of any type of bigotry or racism. If the world could become totally multi-cultural, there would be no war, famine, or ...

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