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I believe that Microsoft has the best intensions for society, because they are constantly developing the software market into a more competitive and challenging industry. Microsoft's success as a company is partly due to its commitment to making the best product possible and strategic business practices. The first reason Microsoft is not a monopoly is because of the standardized quality of its OS. Second is the intelligent business practices Microsoft has engaged in through many of its business partners. The legal issues of the alleged antitrust accusations from the department of justice are just totally overrated.

The standardized quality of MS Windows98 has really made the PC market as a whole take a rocket boost from the past. Most people who oppose this stance would say that standardizing a product wouldn't cause anything but a monopoly. This is fiction because people choose products that are simply reliable and of good quality. The success of Microsoft's operating system hasn't been used to cause a monopoly in the browser marker, but to increase the quality of their software. A statement from Bill Gates on the 7th of December stating ' I am proud of the work our people have done to bring the benefits of the Internet to consumers, and I am confident that the courts ultimately will uphold the importance of the freedom to innovate.' The intensity of the Internet lies in it openness, freedom and incredible reach. It is physically impossible for any individual or company to be its controlling switch, as the number of Internet users continue to grow by easy access due to Internet technologies being added to quality operating systems such as Windows. Internet user will constantly demand high quality and maximum choice, and will travel to wherever they receive the best value for the money and time. As consumer interest in the Internet continues to grow, Microsoft's role will be what it always has been. Aimed to provide the software building blocks for a rich computing experience and to build into that software all of the open Internet standards, protocols and platforms services which enable developers to write great applications. Even though Microsoft has included Internet capabilities in its Windows operating system since the launch of Windows 95, the Windows platform also provides excellent support for other leading browsers besides Microsoft's own Internet Explorer.

The software industry is one of the great catalysts of economic growth and job creation. Over the past eight years, the number of software companies and jobs in this country has doubled. Competition is incredibly fierce, and consumers are benefiting through better products and constant innovation. Companies like Sun Microsystems would say that Microsoft stifles innovation in the software industry and strong-arms PC makers and Web content provider into supporting its software. In reality its Microsoft's smart business practices has enabled them to become the successful company is today and not because of 'strong-arms' or unfair strategies. One particular situations with Sun Microsystems and the government allege that Microsoft saw Java's cross-platform capabilities as a threat to the popularity of its Windows operating system, and tried to sabotage the technology. But according to Microsoft Dr. James Gosling, the inventor of Java, admitted in his testimony that Sun's 'write once, run anywhere' promise of complete cross-platform compatibility is nothing more than a marketing term. He also added that it often doesn't refer to the entire program, I mean, really it's sort of a goal that applies to as much of the program as is realistically possible.' While Sun failed to deliver on Java's 'write once and run anywhere' promises to software developers, Microsoft succeeded in creating technology that not only allows Java developers to take advantage of advanced features in Windows, but also provides the best environment for running cross-platform applications written in the Java language. Following what was written in an article on, Microsoft's Java strategy is simple in that their committed to meeting the demands of ...

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