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Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), which is now called Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), is a Dissociative Disorder. This disorder is when a person has two or more distinct personalities that often control the person's behavior. This disorder has many controversies because of the fact that it is not scientifically proven.

One personality is usually restrained and rather dull while another one maybe very outgoing and obnoxious. A person can have many personalities; there is no set number. Each personality acts different and the original personality usually denies awareness of the others. There have been many cases where one of the personalities is violent. The person usually has names for each of the personalities.

There have been many movies made about Multiple Personality Disorder. The movie 'Primal Fear' caught my interest. This movie really made me chance the way I feel about this particular disorder. 'Primal Fear' was about a younger boy that had been physically abused and killed the person who had done this to him. He had to go to court and get tried for the murder. Through the whole movie he had two personalities, one was a sweet, innocent, quite boy and the other was the man that had killed this other man. This personality was a very cruel and loud man. The court had decided to let him go because he had this disorder. At the end, come to find out the boy was just acting and there was no sweet, innocent personality. Only one and that was the one who was a cruel, cold-hearted murder. I believe that this movie shows why they can not use this disorder in court systems. Because there is no way that you can prove that you have this disorder yet. The reason why this movie changed my views was because I felt bad for this person who was abused and had different personalities and if I was on the jury I would have let him go to. Now that I've seen this movie I would not have let him go.

Oprah also had someone on her show that claimed that they had Multiple Personality Disorder. As I was watching this I thought wow, this guy really does have this. He was ...

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