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Modern Music Composition

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Composition has been an ever-changing entity in our society. Music
composition is also a very alternating subject of study. You have to keep up to
date when you wish to compose a piece of music. This is strictly due to the
progression of music in this day in age. If you fail to study, the music you
are writing may, very well, upset the music community with old or potentially
outdated material. The only way to stay up to date with composition is to
listen to a lot of classical music, which seems to be, without a doubt, the best
music to listen to. If you have not done your research on such music, you may
find yourself running out of ideas for further compositions. Music composition
is the subject of this essay.
Music, through the years, has changed in many ways. The musical "attitude" is
determined through the overall feelings of the composer at the time, at which he
or she wrote it. The "attitude" sets the overall feeling of the piece of music.
If you fail to pass the feelings that you felt while you wrote the piece of
music, you fail in the overall goal of the piece of music. Music composition is
a very modern thing these days. It has grown because of the advanced
availability of better technology. Technology, which is changing every day, has
opened up new and more innovative doors. Included with the advanced
technology that has brought music to life, there has also been a steady increase
of musicians. This is in direct proportion with the growing number of music
Music, by means of instruments, has been played for thousands of years. Music
composition involves three major key-points. These key-points are direction,
general-knowledge, and general-insight. Through the course of this essay, you
will learn what each of these three points is and the prevalent pre-requisitions
required of persons to have these three abilities.
Direction, being the first of the three points, gives you the sense of the
music. Without direction, you would not have the urge to write the piece of
music. Direction is what composers use to give the general emotion that is
supposed to be perceived by the ending audience. The direction requires only
one thing. That is emotion. Emotion is what a piece of music is made for.
Without emotion, the piece would probably be so uninteresting that the audience
would not want to listen to it. The emotion is very hard to pass on to the
audience, strictly because it is what you feel. Just as it is hard to make
someone feel a certain feeling, it is as equally hard to make them feel a
certain emotion. The direction, as you can see, is a very important part to
composing a piece of music.
General-knowledge, being the second of the three key-points, involves just
that, knowledge. You must have at least a broad knowledge of music before you
can even begin to think about understanding a piece of music. This knowledge
could come from a number of things including singing in the chorus, playing in
the band, or just fiddling around at the piano. This is probably the area where
composers have the most control. The composer makes the decision to learn or
practice the music to the level at which he/she would like to appreciate it.
Humans, most of the time, do not have complete control over their emotions, nor
do they have complete control over their wisdom, but you have, almost, complete
control over the level at which you would like to learn music. Understanding
music, therefore, does indeed require a general-knowledge in the field of music.
Composing music, however, requires just a little more knowledge than that would
be required of a ...

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