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Modern European History: The Reformation

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I believe the statement "The reformation was a rejection of the
secular spirit of the Italian Renaissance" is false because in the long
term of European history, the reformation was able to create a more
humanistic view of the world than that of the Renaissance humanism. There
are three major changes and philosophies that the Protestants of the
reformation incorporated which led to the long term advancement of Humanism.
These are the beginnings of "free thought" away church dogma, the
development of Capitalism, and the questioning of religious and
Governmental authorities.

Before Martin Luther's reformation the church dictated how Christians
teachings should be interpreted, even the reading of the bible was
discouraged. There also was the "indulgences" issued by the clergy, which
was in essence a "passport to heaven". This out-raged some people like
Martin Luther who stressed an individual interpretation of the bible, in
books like Freedom of a Christian, stressing salvation by faith alone. This
first division of the church in to Protestant caused many more religious
groups to form on each interpretation of the bible.

The next important long-term ...

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