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Modern Day Sweatshops

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Modern Day Sweatshops

"A land rich in beauty. " This is how a considerable number of people view today's Asian culture. A region with a booming economy, and a scenic view at every tur4n. It truly is a beautiful place, a beautiful place blocked from the view of factory workers by the soot covered windows of our modern day sweatshops. For them, " a land rich in beauty" is merely a fa'ade used to cover up for " a land poor in opportunities ".

In today's illusioned society the thought that the clothes that we wear, and the products that we use every day are made by hundreds of thousands of people working in less than poor conditions for a payment that would hardly buy the average working man a loaf or bread, never crosses our minds. It has recently be termed today's slavery (Crossette), but it is as overlooked as a crumb on a kitchen floor. Factory life is hard, but for the workers they have no choice. This is why it is called slavery, because they must work or die from lack of supplies and sustenance for them and their entire family.

The working conditions are beyond horrid. Women anywhere from ages thirteen and up work in a dark and crowded rooms with dangerous heavy machinery, working feet or even inches from a soon to be severed limb, and just ...

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