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Mockery Of Native Americans

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Social Issues

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The first settlers in America would not have survived harsh winters without the help of the Native Americans! If not for the Native Americans all of our fist ancestors here would have died. We owe a lot to the Native Americans for this but instead we treated them very badly back then and we still disrespect them now with the use of Native American mascots. These mascots embarrass the Native Americans because the mascots represent something sacred to the Native Americans and they are used just to get the crowd in to a game. Native American mascots should be banned from professional and collegiate sports because of the emotional hurt put on the Native Americans.
One reason Native Americans should not be used as mascots in professional and collegiate sports is the costumes that the mascots are dressed up in sacred outfits only worn by leaders of the Native American tribes. When they wear these they look like authentic clothes and chiefs. When they dance around like wild men it is mocking a chief. Since all Native Americans look up to the chiefs of the tribe it is not respecting them or their whole tribe.
The Native Americans would also like to be treated with the same respect that other racial groups have gotten. The African American people were mocked with a doll with a big black head and huge lips to mock an African American. The African American people complained about it and the doll was terminated from society forever. Now the Native Americans are complaining that the mascots of collegiate and professional teams are mocking them and no actions have been taken at all. What they could have done instead of nothing at all was at least change some of the dances which are vastly affecting the Native American people.
There are also many hidden tensions in the Native American people. Hidden tensions because they are scared and do ...

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