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Miwok Social Life

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Miwok Social Life

History Final

Miwoks set many standards for themselves and the tribe. They were usually very hard workers, working harsh numbers of hours a day to keep the tribe alive. There were hunters, fishers, and many other jobs for people. A non-nomadic people, the Miwoks settled in the Yosemite Valley.

My report is on the Miwok Social Life. Games, customs, jobs, and many other things about the Miwok Indians will all be covered in this. The way they lived, what they ate, and what they farmed. They all had a job, some of the women wove baskets, and some of them cooked. The men hunted, fished, made canoes, and fought.

The first step of stepping into the life of a Miwok is to understand their dress. They were generally very lenient on clothing, some children going completely naked. Many wore flaps and when the men hunted, they camouflaged themselves in deerskins and grasses.

Now you must know how they lived. What they lived in, how they built their homes, and such. U-ma-cha is the named of the home they lived in. Much like a "tee-pee", These homes were made of the thick bark of the Sequoia Redwoods. Mud and dirt was piled on the bottom of these homes, to keep water and rodents out, and heat in. They were at times coated with a layer of pine needles. About 8-15 feet in diameter, these homes were small. They did not bathe, but instead sat in sweat houses until they sweat the smell off and then ran out and jumped in a cold ...

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