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Minimum Wage

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has been a big issue as of late. Some people think that the should be increased to counter the effects of inflation and to help lower class people. Others think it should not be increased, that a increase would lower the number of jobs on the market. It is a sensitive issue and both sides have some very strong points.
The supporters of a increase cite several reasons. For one it is necessary to raise to counter the effects of inflation and increases in the cost of living. They also say that an increase in is a way to provide a livable wage and to fight poverty. Since its introduction, the has been raised 16 times trying to keep in step with inflation and an ever increasing cost of living. However, as inflation increases, the purchasing power of the keeps dropping. The would need to be increased to keep earning workers at a decent standard of living. If the is increased it will help out the lower class people that need it the most, and help raise them from poverty.
One argument given to oppose increase is that most earners are teenagers from families who are not poor. This meaning that raising the will not be effective in aiding those families at the lower end of the wage scale. This however is not true for it has been shown that only 11.7% of teenagers in families with above-average incomes would benefit from a higher .
The opponents of a increase say that if the ...

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