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Methamphetamine is an amphetamine that has been used in

treating narcolepsy, Parkinson's Disease, and obesity. When used

illegally, this drug, which is also called crank, speed, ice, chalk,

crystal, and glass, may cause a person to be paranoid and violent.

Crank can be smoked, snorted, sniffed, injected, or swallowed, and

looks like a pill, powder, or clear chalk crystals.

The drug was first originally synthesized in 1887 by a German

Scientist. Meth was forgotten until the 1930's when it was

discovered that the drug could increase a person's blood pressure

and was helpful in lung congestion.

Meth is a very powerful stimulant. Very quickly the desire for the

drug surpasses other interests- including the need for food, sleep,

friends, sex, and family. The effects of this drug are long-lasting.

Food and water become unimportant after taking it. Seizures and

death can occur. Meth can cause: angry, hostile, and anxious

feelings, violent behaviors, confusion, mental illness, increased

physical activity, ...

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