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Meta Physics

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Meta Physics

METAPHYSICS What is metaphysics? Metaphysics can be described as those things, which relate to external nature, after physics. The term was first used by the followers of Aristotle as a name for that part of his writings, which came after, or followed, the part, which treated of physics. This was Aristotle's first philosophy. His main concern was to obtain the type of knowledge that in his eyes earned the title "Wisdom." He didn't want to know only Wisdom, but there were things and ideas that he wanted to know just for the sake of knowing. He did not see wisdom as any ordinary type of knowledge. Aristotle believed that because there are different levels of knowledge, and since most people only know what they experience through senses, what we learn through our senses is not Wisdom. The reason behind this was Aristotle knew that knowledge obtained through the senses can only tell a person the "that" of anything and not the "why;" for example; We all know "that" fire is hot but do we know "why." We also know "that" water is wet but "why" is it wet. These were questions that nobody obtained the answers to but Aristotle was determined to know, and having this type of knowledge would truly earn the title of PAGE 1 Wisdom. Now finding the knowledge and answers would be very difficult but Aristotle believed what better way to obtain this then through the use of science. He knew that everything in science deals with learning using more than just senses. There are always deeper meanings and definitions when pertaining to science. In all types of sciences whether physics, ethics, politics etc. they will deal with discovering the "causes" and "reasons" to everything. Physics deal with what causes the material body to move, ethics with what causes good life, and politics with what causes the good state. Using what he knew and the causes to certain ideas such as life, a state, or the body helped him to realize that there is no science that shows the knowledge of true reality. This lead him to studying and creating a science which goes beyond the subject matter of the other sciences and is concerned with "first principles and causes." What defines first principles and causes is the true foundation of Wisdom, thus leading Aristotle to studying, obtaining the knowledge of and writing his first work or philosophy. Aristotle never titled this work, so those who followed and studied his work actually gave it the title METAPHYSICS. With this idea of Metaphysics Aristotle deals with the highest level of abstraction. It is abstract because it deals with what is universal or "all around us" and not with what is just particular. He wanted to know about everything that could not be seen, touched, tasted, smelled or heard. What made Metaphysics so unique was the fact that it proposed one question; What does it mean to be anything whatsoever? Or what does it mean to be. Aristotle was fascinated by the fact that things could exist, but he was more concerned with the Page 2 principles and causes of its existence. The problem of metaphysics as he saw it was therefore the study of Being and its principles and causes. Aristotle had to come up with a subject for being in order to explain its principles and causes. He needed a way to include the categories, which were quality, posture, place, and so on in one subject. He referred to it as substance. In this way metaphysics is concerned with Being (i.e., existing substances) and its causes (i.e., the process by which substances come into being). By Aristotle referring to everything as a substance we know that he thought in a way of "knowing" something. He believed that a person can know something better when we know "what it is" than when we know the characteristics about that something, such as color, size, or posture it has (physical characteristics). He knew that when we speak of things we need to get an essence as to physical characteristics before we get an essence as to what it really is. If a tall person owns a blue book, when we described the two they are understood in their "essence," in what makes them a book or a person before they are understood as large or healthy. If we were to describe a thing without using it qualities first then our mind would be focusing more on what ...

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