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Social Issues

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The Oxford dictionary defines as 'Forbearance and compassion shown by one person to another who is in his power and who has no claim to receive kindness; kind and compassionate treatment in a case where severity is measured or expected.' (The Oxford English Dictionary). However, can mean many things to many people depending on the situation. In Roman times, showing could mean the difference between life and death while in a modern baseball game a ' rule' would merely end the game. This act of would be enforced because the losing team has very little chance of mounting a comeback. In the end, an individual or group who feels sympathy for another is the only group that shows . The granting of can often save others much pain and humility; whether or not it is appreciated does not have much consequence.
The Coliseum in Rome housed many spectator events such as bullfighting, the throwing of Christians to the lions, and the infamous gladiator battles. During these battles, two gladiators would fight one another until one of them submitted. At this point the successful gladiator would stop and look up at the spectators for a sign. If the spectators waved their handkerchiefs, the helpless gladiator would live. was granted only to those who had fought well, and their reward was that they would be allowed to fight another day. However, if the spectators had extended their hands with their thumbs pointed towards the ground, the victorious gladiator was ordered to kill his opponent. One source describes the judgment handed down by the spectators:
According to the most common tradition, when a gladiator had overpowered his opponent, he turned to the spectators. If they wished to spare the defeated man, they waved their handkerchiefs; to indicate that he should be killed, they turned down their thumbs. (Gladiator Combat).
, in this situation, was something that had to be earned. Only the strong survived, there was no sympathy for the weak; those who could not compete did not deserve .
On the baseball field, is thought of as more of a punishment. A '' would signify the end of the game. According to the rules of amateur baseball, ...

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