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Men's Health Vs. Glamour

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You see them every day on newspaper stands, in the supermarket, and they are even delivered right to your home; they are magazines. Loaded with information, magazines cover a variety of topics. One of the most famous topics that magazines cover is women and men issues. It was very interesting too compare two of these magazines. I chose a October 1999 issue of Men's Health a magazine for men; and a July 1999 issue of Glamour for women. There are revealing differences and similarities between Men's Health and Glamour dealing with jobs, health, and advertisements.
Men's Health has some very informative articles when it comes to career development. It has articles such as 'Finding the right job for you' and 'In the Job Market'. The first article, 'Finding the right job for you' covers on ways of finding a job through different resources like using the Internet. The other article, 'In the Job Market' gives you the inside story and how to be successful in the current job market. Glamour has a section that is dedicated to jobs called "Jobs & Money". I thought it did a good job on giving advice, but the way they wrote the article seemed to be elementary. As in Men's Health, they treated the reader as a professional and they have some knowledge about jobs. Glamour also was able to put in a beauty tip on what type of makeup to use and what is the current fashion. Which I thought that tip should have been an another article separate from "Jobs & Money."
Both magazines covered a range of health issues. Men's Health and Glamour have common ground when it comes to topics on health. However, I found that when they address the same health issues, they address them in different ways. When it comes to age, Men's Health has an article called 'The end of the Lines" which talks about cosmetic surgery using injections of Botox to get rid of wrinkles. Throughout the article, the author makes a point that this is an alternative and to have wrinkles is attractive. As Corey Maas, M.D. says, "Frankly, we don't see anything wrong with a man having a few lines and wrinkles on the face." Men's Health gives men a lot of support when it comes to aging. It is acceptable, and even desirable for men to have wrinkles and to look their age. While in Glamour the magazine is all about how to look younger. In an L'Oreal ad it says "Softer. Smother. Younger... Longer" or "Look younger in just 1 week." The models that they use in their articles and ads do not represent various age differences. In Men's Health you often find men in their late 50's advertising products or articles on how stay in shape.
Glamour has an article called 'Breast cancer at 24'. This article talks about women that are struggling with breast cancer. It also covers what to do if you have breast cancer and what to do to prevent it. When it comes to Men's Health, I found the magazine also talked about a similar health issue. It contains ...

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