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Memories Ahmedabad

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Memorable Memories of our Journey!
by Burhanuddin Tezabwala on Friday, April 15, 2011 at 3:33pm

Travellers included (Me, Abbasali Bahrainwala, Abdeali Matkawala, Hussain Bhopalwala, Mufaddal Kanchwala, Mustafa Sabunwala, and Mohammed Kuwawala)

Who missed the journey were

1. Mustafa Khambati (He wanted to study ' Kidding himself and his parents :O)
2. Hamza Jaliwala (Caught in Non-Veg sms Scandal - Details to be kept as secret :P)
3. Huzefa Saify (Unfortunately out of town for studies)


' Everyone took bath except me (I am fresh as always or other way too lazy :D)
' After drinking tea I drank Slice (Few people prefer water but I prefer soft drink after tea)

Visit to Kakaria Lake

' Saw rare animals at Zoo and fishes in Aquarium (About whom either we just heard or read somewhere)
' Mustafa, Abbas and Mufaddal got their Name written on piece of Rice
' Saw Laser effect water Fountain show which described Ahmedabad in brief
' Saw dance which included different styles like Bollywood, Poppinga and B-Boying

Dinner in Hotel Pakwaan

As being very tired and hungry ate hell lot of food (It gave a bad result Mufaddal ended up vomiting while I and Mohammed ended up shitting in so-called clean Sulabh Shauchalaya)

Shopping at Lal(Teen) Darwaza

Hardly purchased any stuff, but after buying something we went to 10 shops of same item just to know their rates.

For the first time drank soda juice (some of the flavors were mango, orange, 7up)

In Hasanpheer

' Mustafa aka Susti proved himself that he is the laziest (He was the first one to buy the Barf-gola but still wasn't able to finish it off)
' While leaving from there one lady recognized Abbas (Ise kehte hai dunia bhar me pehchaan hona)

At Water World Resort in Mehsana

' While entering to park the only thing I said to Mufaddal : 'No matter how much you fear, but get courage and enjoy to the fullest on almost all the slides'
' Had hell lot of fun during Waves (I shouted to the fullest which turned my eyes red)
' Stared Couples specially Girls <3 (what can be more pleasing than this)
' Abbas and Mufaddal were termed as GAY!
' Got hurt while sliding (Me, Abdeali and Mohammed)
' While leaving Mufaddal said: 'I enjoyed a lot and now I don't fear ...

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