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Media and it''s influences

The newspapers print a lot of stories because people buy the newspapers, so perhaps some people would say to combat the exploitation set out my the media monolpoly that we all must raise our standards a little bit.

I believe that the most important thing is that the public makes their views known, and that newspapers should respond to it. All too often newspapers don't respond to public opinion and there is a very fine line to be drawn between the freedom of the press and license, which takes that freedom for, granted.

Murdoch and others play this game because it pays, because they know that there are lots of people out there who will buy the newspaper with it in it. Anybody who bought the Sun, or even looked at the Sun recently is ensuring that the next Miss Noble who's got the next set of pictures of this kind is going to find a ready buyer at this sort of price. The only way you're going to stop it is if it doesn't pay. And the only people who can change that is the public, the public should exercise power in numbers, but until then Murdoch will continue to count his profits.

Others however do not believe a boycott would work. The Sun's sales were falling and they were desperate to do something to make them rise, and they go for this young bride-to-be with some cheap journalism, which really was extremely hurtful. The British media, especially papers like The Sun and The News of The World are just sensational publications and use their power to sell papers only. There should be a regulation body in place to ensure that someone's private life remains just that - private.

To study the effect and the process of media amplification we can look at sociologists like Stan Cohen and Jock Young who were particularly interested in this. Young and Cohen looked at the studied the media in terms of how it creates interaction between itself and the individuals who watch or read it.

Amplification is important while looking at if, why and how the media influences the general public, Marxists believe that through amplification the bourgeois can change opinion in the minds of the masses, in turn controlling the way in which the general public act, feel and think. Stuart Hall in his book ''Policing Crisis'' wrote in the 1970''s; argued that the police and the state deliberately reported the muggings by blacks in South London, for manipulation purposes, he was convinced that they exaggerated the extent of the problem. He said that '''Kthere was a large moral panic, newspapers were full of lurid details of vicious muggings by blacks on white pensioners''.

Another popular Marxist argument for the view that the '''Kmedia acts a syringe injecting the public with fragmented truths and lies'' is the example of the Trade Unions in the 1970''s under the thatcherite ''dictatorship''. The Tory''s used the Trade Unions as scapegoats in relation to the economic problems of the time. Grants argued that in the case of the famous (or infamous) Trade Union strikes of the time ''The media always tended to take the side of the management''. For example the interviewer would interview the managers in the studio while the strikers and ...

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