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Media Politics

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In my life there is only a brief moment at a time when I am not connected to the world. From the lab top, cell phone, I-pod, newspaper, magazine, and radio my world seems to be way to over connected. Being a huge golf fan I have an app on my smart phone that gives me up to the minute coverage of what's happening in the golf world. This trend has found its way into politics and now practically anyone can have up to date information that was never available before. Currently, we have so many news outlets and channels such as CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and BBC that all specifically cater to constant political news and updates.
Shanto Iyengar is an expert in the field and has just published a book called 'Media Politics' It talks about how the media's influence in the world has shaped people's opinions and thoughts on politics. Mr. Lyengar refers to this phenomenon, as the 'era of a permanent campaign' that all politicians are now apart of. I completely agree with Nikko's statement that 'image and politics have shared equal importance on the campaign trail' because it is no longer the most suitable and best person for the job. Instead it is the man that can speak the best and run the best campaign trail. This leads to another controversy ...

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