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Measuring Thickness of Concret

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Measuring Thickness of Concret

Measuring Thickness of Concrete

Measuring Thickness of Concrete Elements Using Drilled Concrete Cores

When doing construction one of the major concerns is that the work

being done complies with the design specifications. In this ASTM

test, C 174M-97, the thickness of a concrete pavement, slab, or

structural element is determined by measuring the length of a core

drilled from a concrete structure. This allows the contractor,

as well as the owner, to see that the concrete is being poured to

meet the requirements. (ASTM, C 174M-97, 1)

In order to complete this experiment a particular tool will

be needed. It is a 3-point calipering device that will measure

the length of axial elements of the core. This apparatus must

conform to certain requirements. It needs to be designed so

that the specimens will be held with its axis in a vertical

position by three symmetrically placed studs or posts of

hardened steel bearing against the lower end. The end of the

studs that bear against the surface of the specimen need to be

rounded to a radius of not less than 6 mm and not more than

13 mm. The apparatus needs to allow for the measuring of

specimens of different nominal lengths over a range of at

least 100 to 250 mm. It needs to be made in order to make

a measurement at the center of the upper end of the specimen

and at eight additional points spaced at equal intervals

along the circumference of a circle. The device that makes

contact with the end surface of the specimen needs to be

rounded to a radius of 3 mm. Finally the instrument for

measuring needs to be stable and sufficiently rigid to

maintain its shape and alignment without a distortion or

deflection of more than 0.25 mm during all normal measuring

operations. Before any measurements are made, though, the

apparatus needs to be calibrated with suitable gages so

that errors caused by mechanical ...

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