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Maurizio Cattelan

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Luis Corral
May 9, 2012
Mrs. Fawn Clarke-Peterson

Draft of Research

The artist that I chose for my project was Maurizio Cattelan. He started his career in 1980's in Italy making wood furniture for his home. He is highly known for being the jokester and prankster that he is now. He has created some of the most non-forgetting pieces of art in the world. Some of the works that he was mostly famous for was `La Nona Ora' (the ninth hour). This piece of art is the Pope John Paul II dressed in a full ceremonial dress and being crushed by a meteor. It was sold in London for about $886,000. Another piece of work is `Working Is a Bad Job' in 1993 this piece of art was promoted around through billboard. In 1996 he brought out the piece called Another Fucking Readymade. From another ...

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