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Marketplace for System Analyst

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Marketplace for System Analyst

The global market demands highly efficient communications, and time-to market pressures require ever-greater efficiency; rapidly changing customer requirements demand organizations that can react quickly. And as levels of management are downsized and workers' responsibilities increase, they need more information, and they need it faster to help the organization compete. This distribution of information has resulted in an unprecedented dependence on information systems.

From 1984 to 1994, the number of computer jobs grew 150%.7 The sector is expected to grow another 150% in the next eight years.7 There are more that 190,000 unfilled Information Technology positions nationwide, and the need for computer specialist will increase 91% by 2005.7 Worldwide revenue for Information Technology professional services was $118 billion in 1995 and is projected to grow at 16.9% to $258 billion by 2000.6 A recent study by the Information Technology Association of America reveals 346,000 IT jobs are currently vacant in U.S. companies, leaving 1 in 10 jobs unfilled.9 The U.S. Commerce Department's Office of Technology Policy report, America's New Deficit: The Shortage of Information Technology Workers, indicates between 1996 and 2006, more than 1.3 million new systems analysts, computer scientists, engineers, and programmers will be required to meet industry's demands.3

The demand for "networking" to facilitate the sharing of information, the expansion of client/server environments, and the need for specialists to use their knowledge and skills in a problem solving capacity will be a major factor in the rising demand for systems analysts.2 Falling prices of computer hardware and software should continue to induce more businesses to expand computerized operations and integrate new technologies. In order to maintain a competitive edge and operate more cost effectively, firms will continue to demand computer professionals who are knowledgeable about the latest technologies and able to apply them to meet the needs of businesses.

Employment of computing professionals is expected to increase much faster than average as technology becomes more sophisticated and organizations continue to adopt and integrate these technologies, making for plentiful job openings. Growth will be driven by very rapid growth in computer and data processing services, which is projected to be the fastest growing industry.

New growth areas generally arise from the development of new technologies. Therefore, it is important for computer professionals at all levels to keep their skills up to date. The expanding integration of Internet technologies by businesses, for example, has resulted in a rising demand for a variety of skilled professionals who can develop and support Internet, Intranet, and World Wide Web applications.10 Growth in these areas is also expected to create demand for computer scientists, computer engineers, and systems analysts knowledgeable about network, data and communications security.

System analysts perform many services including customized computer programming services and applications and systems software design; the design, development, and production of prepackaged computer software; systems integration, networking, and reengineering services; data processing and preparation services; information retrieval services including on-line data bases and Internet services; on-site computer facilities management; the development and management of data bases; and a variety of specialized consulting services. Many work for government agencies, manufacturers of computer and related electronic equipment, insurance companies, financial institutions, and universities.8

Since employers look for the most qualified applicants possessing a high level of technical expertise, individuals with an advanced degree in computer science, management information systems (MIS), computer engineering, or an MBA with a concentration in information systems should enjoy very favorable employment prospects.4 College graduates with a bachelor's degree in computer science, computer engineering, information science, or information systems should also enjoy very favorable prospects, particularly if they have supplemented their formal education with some level of practical experience. College graduates with non-computer science majors who have had courses in computer programming, systems analysis, and other data processing areas, as well as training or experience in an applied field, should also be able to find jobs as computer professionals. Those who are familiar with client/server environments, CASE tools and object-oriented programming, Internet, Intranet, and multimedia technology will have an even greater advantage, as will individuals with significant networking, database, and systems experience. Employers will continue to seek computer professionals who can combine strong programming and traditional systems analysis skills with good interpersonal and business skills.5

Regardless of college major, employers generally look for people who are familiar with programming languages and have broad knowledge of and experience with computer systems and technologies, strong problem-solving and analysis ...

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