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Mark McGwire: A Season For The Ages

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He's 6'5, and roughly 250lbs, and for the most part he is about as average as you or me. Almost except for one major thing, he is the record holder of the most prestigious record in all of pro sports. His name is Mark McGwire and the record is his 70 homeruns, shattering the old record held by the Minnesota native named Roger Maris.
On the Major League Baseball's final day of the season Mark McGwire hit two mammoth homeruns to give him 70 on the year, an astonishing 1 home run in every 7.3 at bats. Mark started this quest for the record early in spring training, setting his mind on accomplishing this one goal to be the king of all homerun hitters.
On the first day of the season Mark hit his first homerun of the season. On a 1 ball no strike count in the bottom of the fifth inning with two outs and the basses loaded Mark hit a Grand slam off of The LA Dodgers pitcher Ramon Martinez. With that Grand Slam he became just the twenty-first player in Major League history to hit a grand slam in the season opener. Now the quest was on, he was now 61 homeruns from beating the record.
Overall Mark hit eleven homeruns in the seasons first twenty-seven games, Mark really turned it on in the month of May. In his next twenty-five games in the month of May, Mark hit sixteen homeruns giving him twenty-seven homeruns so far. With his sixteen homeruns in May, McGwire tied Mickey Mantle for the most homeruns in May.
Then, out of nowhere a familiar enemy of Mark's shows it's ugly head, Mark misses three games with back spasms, injuries are something that has plagued him most of his career. On June 5th Mark is now healthy and ready to play, In the first inning Mark came to the plate with a runner at second and one out. Mark lines the 1 ball 2-strike pitch into the Centerfield Bleachers at Busch stadium. On June 18th Mark sets a Major league Record with his thirty-three homeruns, giving him the most homeruns before July 1st in any season.
Mark was now becoming the biggest draw all around the majors, teams who normally couldn't give tickets away were now selling out there stadiums when Mark came to town. The Minnesota Twins couldn't get 50,000 total people to show up for three games, and now for the three games Mark was in tow they drew over 150,000 people. Everyone was swarming to ballparks all around the league to get a chance to see Mark hit a homerun. Mark was on a tear but now he was not the only chasing the record. Sammy Sosa for the Chicago Cubs was on a tear hitting twenty homeruns in July to get him close to McGwire in the Homerun race.
Now the race was on Sosa and McGwire were now playing a game of cat and mouse as ...

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