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Marijuana for migranes

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Marijuana for migranes

1) Russo, Ethan M.D. (1998). Cannabis for migraine treatment. Pain, 76, 3 ' 8.

This particular journal entry is actually a historic review on the benefits of utilizing cannabis for the medicinal use of relieving migraines. In an attempt to find a journal that might actually have a case study or something on the affects of marijuana on a human, I forgot that there probably would not be many studies done due to the hazardous impact that comes with inhaling marijuana smoke. Although I am a proponent of the legalization of marijuana, I believe that precautions must be addressed in order to smoothly acclimate the drug into the society. This means that there must be studies done that actually use human subjects. There were studies done before cannabis was banned in 1937, showing that cannabis had a positive effect on people with chronic migraines, mental fatigue, fits of depression and so on. William Osler, the acknowledged father of modern medicine, stated of migraine treatment,?Cannabis indica is probably the most satisfactory remedy?(Russo, 1998).

The best way to describe a study like this is historical. Many of the historical uses of marijuana may have contemporary relevance. As I stated before, there are very few ways to study something that the society feels is harmful to the subject. This is exactly what the research is pointing out by voicing the words of our ancestors. This historical point-of-view allows our conscience to be at ease so that accurate tests can be performed to conclude a up to the date analysis. For so long marijuana has received criticism due to the abuse it took in the sixties and seventies. During the generation drought of knowledge of the subject, we have become ignorant to the fact that it may actually possess positive qualities. It has not been until recently that we have actually begun to take steps in understanding the capacity that marijuana may affect some illnesses. In 1974 the first direct study of pain relief from chronic headaches by the use of cannabis. All of the subjects agreed that the relief was comparable or superior to that of other pain relievers.

The research indicates that the resurgence of medicinal marijuana use is not only viable, but practical. Some of the conclusions that were stated include: a history of safe ...

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