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Marijuana 2

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Marijuana 2

Marijuana is a drug that comes from the plant cannabis. When marijuana is in the smoking form it usually looks like small bits of plants and flowers that has been crushed. When it is in the smokeable form it is usually put into a pipe then smoked or rolled up in paper then smoked. When made in a form of a cigarette it can be called a joint or a reefer. This drug (marijuana) is also known by a variety of other names, including pot, tea, grass and weed. This drug can also be sniffed, chewed or added to your food and drinks. Sometimes when the drug is changed chemicals can be added to it. As for the natural color of marijuana it is a green plant with lots of slim and maybe long leaves. The arrangement of these leaves is similar to a peacocks feathers only much shorter and less colorful. This Indian hemp plant is usually found in pretty warm climates for example it is found a lot in Colombia. These are not the only places where people grow marijuana lots of people grow it by themselves in their farms or their backyard. In Kentucky farmers are suing the state because they believe that they have the right to grow marijuana for their usage. Although the farmers in Kentucky have not won this case it is still going on. When the people start growing this plant in their own houses they have to make the environment or the atmosphere good so they can grow it right. Most people growing this plant are very careful because how well they grow this plant depends on how strong the product or result will be. Drug abuse is use of drugs in an illegal or unsafe way. The factors that lead to drug abuse are a person's problems, to be cool, to seem older or mature, to rebel against their parents, to be popular. Although people give themselves these reasons to take drugs they don't realize that what they're doing is stupid. For example a teen smoking pot to seem older and mature what he/she don't realize is that being mature means making healthy decisions for yourself. And people also do marijuana is to forget their problems. They only forget their problems while they are high. Once the drug is out of the abusers system the problems will still be there nothing will change in the person's life. Sometimes pot only makes the troubles worse. And as for the other factors me as a kid don't feel like its worth arguing with. Like to be cool, people will say you don't have to be cool to smoke marijuana. Well sometimes the only way a person can be considered to be cool is to smoke pot. The same goes for being popular. These two things listed above are the main reason teens in specific take drugs. Frequent drug abusers soon become addicts. To become addicts people go through a couple of steps before they become addicted. These steps are casual use/experimentation (body builds tolerance), regular use (body builds ...

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