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Marfans Syndrome

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Marfan syndrome is a rare hereditary disorder of connective tissue,
which causes connective tissue to be weaker than normal. Connective tissue
is the most abundant tissue in the body. It supports and protects various
other tissues, is a vital component of all organs in the body, and provides
strength and elasticity to blood vessels. Therefore, a disorder of
connective tissue can cause a variety of abnormal conditions. For people
with the Marfan syndrome, weak connective tissue causes problems of the
skin, muscles, ligaments, heart, eyes, blood vessels, and bones. It is
estimated that about one in 10,000 people has the Marfan syndrome. This
means it affects over 20,000 people in the United States alone. Early
diagnosis and treatment allows most individuals to live relatively normal,
fulfilling lives, and may prevent more serious problems.
The most serious problems associated with the Marfan syndrome
involve the cardiovascular system. The two leaflets of the mitral valve may
billow backwards when the heart contracts (mitral valve prolapse). This can
lead to leakage of the mitral valve or irregular heart rhythm. In addition,
the aorta, the main artery carrying blood away from the heart, is generally
wider and more fragile in patients with the Marfan syndrome. This widening
is progressive and can cause leakage of the aortic valve or tears
(dissection) in the aorta wall. When the aorta becomes greatly widened, or
tears, surgery is necessary.
Skeletal problems common in people with the Marfan syndrome include
curvature of the spine (scoliosis), abnormally shaped chest (pectus
deformity), loose jointedness and disproportionate growth usually, but not
always, resulting in tall stature. People with the Marfan syndrome are
often near-sighted (myopic). In addition, about 50 percent have dislocation
of the ocular lens. The Marfan syndrome is difficult to diagnose because
there is no specific laboratory test for the condition. In addition,
characteristics of the disorder vary greatly among affected individuals.
Most affected people do not have all of the possible signs and
complications ...

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