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Major League Baseball Needs a

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Major League Baseball Needs a

'Major League Baseball Needs a Salary Cap'

A salary cap in pro sports is the amount of money every team in a league can spend on all of the players on its roster in one year. Major League Baseball does not have a salary cap. The reason for a salary cap is to keep teams competitive and not have just two or three outstanding teams that dominate everyone. Another reason leagues like the National Football League and the National Basketball Association have a salary cap is it is fair and gives teams an equal chance to get players which can make a large impact on their team by using their skill and experience. Salary caps also keep players from receiving contracts which give them an extremely large undeserved salary. This is why I am for a salary cap in Major League Baseball.

A salary cap gives all the teams an equal chance to sign players. It also keeps teams with a lot of money not able to acquire every all-star they want , or any player who is a free agent. Some Major League Baseball teams like the Anahiem Angels and the Atlanta Braves are owned by very wealthy people and companies. The Anaheim Angels are owned by Disney.(Worisnop, 128) So with no surprise the Angels can produce a team which can be very competitive, and have several all-star players. Just recently they exercised this advantage by signing Mo Vaughn for ninety million dollars over seven years.(Antonen, 2) There were at least four other teams that wanted to sign this all-star, but the Angels easily had the money, and outbid everyone who wanted to sign him. If there was a salary cap in Major League Baseball then the Angels would have thought twice about giving that much money to one player. With the its roster for one year. So giving one player 12.8 million dollars for one year does not really make sense if the salary cap is fifty million dollars a year. That would leave only 37.2 million dollars for the twenty-four other players, which equals each player getting on average a little less than one and a half million dollars a year.

Another good example of the 'richest team winning' did not occur to long ago. Just back in 1997 the Florida Marlins spent over sixty million dollars for their roster.(Weiner, 1) They had all-stars like Kevin Brown, Gary Shefeild, and Bobby Bonnila on their team. The Marlins owner actually lost money that year, but his team still won the World Series. This just proves that without a salary cap any team can win the World Series as long as the owner is willing to put up money to get players and even risk losing money.

The salary cap also keeps teams more competitive and closer to equal talent than without a salary cap. If each team can spend the same amount of money for all the players on their roster, then there is a chance for all the teams to have an equal amount of talent. Since all the Major League teams will have the same purchasing power it does not mean that every team is going to spend the maximum amount of money, because they might not have that much money to spend. There is always going to be teams that are not as good as other teams it is all about making good decisions by general managers, not over paying average players, and getting good players for good prices.

An example of the salary cap not keeping teams competitive is the New York Yankees of 1998. The Yankees basically bought their World Series Championship like the Marlins of 1997, but they proved what big difference it makes when ...

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