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Maifest destiny

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Maifest destiny

The technical definition of manifest destiny is to be ordained by god to do something. In the case of US history is was manifest destiny to move west and expand the boundaries of the early United States. Manifest destiny was an excuse and still is. People in the early United States need an excuse that what they were doing was right in order to help them sleep at night. That excuse was called manifest destiny. There are several examples in our history in which we implement manifest destiny not just once or twice but many times.

The Proclamation of 1763 when Great Britain promised the Native Americans that the colonists would not travel beyond the Appalachian Mountains. The problem was that Great Britain could not control weather or not the colonist expanded out west or not. The colonists wrote it off as manifest destiny.

The Trail of Tears is possibly the saddest stories in American history. Native Americans were forced to leave their land and travel the 800-mile journey west to find new land and a new home. Nearly one quarter the population did not survive that journey, they died of broken bones, snake bites, disease, and just shear exhaustion. The Trail of ...

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