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Lyra the star

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Lyra-the star


A pale blue light in the lower part of Lyra shines the Th brightest star in the sky, Vega. This brightest star of Lyra is moderately above Caster and below Regulas in the Hertzpring-Russell diagram. It is between spectral classes B and A and between 10 and 100 times the real brightness of the sun. Vega ignites it's reign sky with it's intensity and accents the musical constellation it is contained within.

The Roman's harp-star of the northern hemisphere shines together with Deneb and Altair to make the Summer Triangle. It's location in the sky is quite easily found as it is the brightest of Lyra which is just above Hercules. Looking south in July will allow you the most ease in locating it, as it is almost overhead and near the center. If you use a star chart to help in finding it, as I said it is near HERCULES in LYRA and is the brightest star shown as a large star shaped object, on the star chart it will easily be sighted by the name Vega written next to it.

If your sense of direction is legendary you will have no problem finding this legendary star. Al-Waki or "The Falling" is the Arabic name for Vega, to the Greeks Lyra belonged to Orpheus who animated and inanimate objects and even the Lord of Death with his music. But most interesting of all in India it is also called Abhijit in Rg Veda and is associated with the creator. Yes, to the Hindu religion Abhijit is an infinitely important character recorded as the "the Truth of 12,000 years B.C." in the Mahabharat. Mahrshi Vyras recorded, in a section called Vana Parva, a dialog between Indra and Skandra. An excerpt from this is ...

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