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Loophole Or A Conspiracy

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Loophole Or A Conspiracy?

By: mankey


Loophole Or A Conspiracy? Virus, Hmmm I am sure that you have heard this word before. I am not talking about the living virus like an influenza virus. I am talking about the computer virus. According to the New York Times, Microsoft, Compaq, and Hewlett Packards computers are at a great risk. I wonder why we the consumer, are in this position? I cannot come up with one straight answer. However, I have a theory that maybe Microsoft is behind all of this. As you may know, Bill Gates (CEO, Chairman) of Microsoft has a business marketing agenda of his own. Bill Gates stated that he should sell his products cheap and affordable for the average consumer. After he sells the product to the public, the consumer will have no other choice but to purchase and use the Microsoft products. This is where Bill comes in for the kill. Bill is going to increase the price for the other products and cash in on the profits. Why do you ask, because majority of the computers in the world utilizes one or more of Microsoft's products and they have no choice but to use the other Microsoft's products because ...

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