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Longer Lasting Bubbles Experiment

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Do you like playing with bubbles? I know I do. Do you wish your bubbles wouldn't pop so quickly? This science fair project was done to determine if adding other substances to Gain liquid detergent can help the bubbles last longer. Testing was done by adding corn syrup, sugar water, glycerin and lemon juice the to the liquid detergent.


Soap bubbles made from liquid detergent and glycerin will last the longest. I chose glycerin because it was the most expensive and sounds scientific.


- 5 empty plastic cups
- 100ml of liquid detergent (Gain)
- 500ml of water
- A bubble blowing toy
- 10ml of corn syrup
- 10ml of glycerin (may be purchased at Walmart)
- 10mg of sugar
- 10ml of lemon juice
- 1 stopwatch
- A measuring beaker
- A weighing scale
- 1 black marker pen


1. Using the black marker pen, the 5 plastic cups are labeled as "soap", "corn syrup", "glycerin", "sugar" and "lemon".

2. Each cup is filled with 100ml of water. Another 20ml of liquid detergent is added to each cup and mixed with the water. Then, depending on the marking on the cups, 10 ml of corn syrup, glycerin, sugar and lemon is added to each cup and mixed once more. The cup marked soap will be the control and it contains only a mixture of water and detergent.

3. The bubble blowing toy is dipped into one of the plastic cups and a bubble will be blown. The stopwatch is started and it is observed how long the bubble lasts before it bursts. The experiment is repeated 5 times and the longest time clocked, is recorded in the table given below.

4. Procedure 3 is ...

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