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Lockers In School

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There is an issue that needs to be addressed. It has caused confusion throughout the school. Should we have lockers or not? It is a very good question. What do you think? Don't say anything until you hear both sides the right and the wrong. I think that it is wrong for them to make us heavy weight in our backs, because we have some troublemakers. Which side will you end up on? That is up to your thoughts and what you think?
After the lockers where taken away from us, the school went through major changes in their schedule. It was based in a block. This limited the amount of books that we had to carry to school; it was perfect except they left one day out, Friday. That day everything gets packed in to students' bags. Some even think of leaving things behind just as long as they don't carry them. The principal does not realize how much of a struggle walking a mile with a heavy backpack in you back really is. They should allow us to have our lockers back. There is always a positive side to it.
If students had lockers, teachers would not have to worry about students bringing the wrong folder to class, or even forgetting it. The students would have as many supplies needed in order to be successful in class. This would make life easier for many students, instead of caring all of our folders and books we could just carry the ones that we need the most. The schools GPA would raise a bit. If we had lockers, it would end ...

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