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The subject I will cover is . I will tell you about the description of it'
s organic compound. I will tell you where it is found. I will tell you what
the uses are in plants and animals. I will also tell you about it's chemical
structure and give examples of types of these compounds, such as cholesterol.

The organic compound of lipids have many similarities. They are almost always
greasy, fatty, oily, or waxy. They do not dissolve in water, but they do in
other organic solvents. This is like if you get grease on your hands it is hard
to wash of because it seems to repel the water.

You can find lipids in many places. They are usually in fatty foods like butter,
salad dressing, and cooking oils. They can also be found inside of animals as
the form of fat. Lipids are always found in fat because when you get a build up
of lipids it forms fat.

Lipids have many uses amongst plants and animals. The main use of these are for
energy and storing energy. When they store energy they make triglycerides also
known as fat. There are also many other uses such as insulation and protection.
They are also used in making cell membranes. They make it so that the cell can
maintain it's shape by keeping water and water-soluble compounds from passing
through it. The lipids that are waxy are usually used ...

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