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Light Waves Research Project

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Chi-Yung Chan
Mrs. Barkley
Physics P.6
11 January 2014

Waves Research Project

Light waves are the things that are reflected back into our eyes everywhere we look around us. Lights from the light bulb, sun and etc.. is light different wave lengths into one, for example if you were to hold a prism on to light and leave it on the table you would see how the light passes one side and on the other side different colors lights are seen. Different colors are seen because of the different wavelengths that are present in white light. The color of the objects that you see means that the object absorbs every color except the colors you see which is reflected back to you. Different types of light waves include ultraviolet, infrared, x-rays, gamma, microwaves and radio waves. Light is like tiny particles that bounce off of objects in order for us to see it as explained by Isaac Newton. Light travels in space in calculated in light years and 1 light year is equivalent to 5.9 trillion miles which is 186,282 miles per second! All light are essentially electromagnetic ...

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