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Life's Too Short

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Often times when the normal parent or upstanding citizen turns on the TV
and sees a young black man rapping about the hood they are usually turned off.
Stereotypes come in to play and the channel is switched without even considering
what message that human being is trying to convey.
When listening to rapper Too Short and his song "Gettin it", you here a
lot of stereotypes being defied. The song is about getting out of the hood and
making a good life for yourself. Most of society just assumes that these young
black rappers have no brain's and no sense of purpose for life. Too Short's
song "Gettin it" tells a different story. Too Short's successes portray
the dream that kids have growing up in the hood. Those kids dream of getting
rich at a young age and living like a true "player" for the rest of their
day's. They want to drive around in a benz' and have girls fill the whole
thing. What these kids don't understand is that Too Short didn't get to where
he is by pimping or selling drugs, he got to where he is by some simple rules
discussed in his song "Gettin it".
First of all, an important ingredient to the song is how it appeals to
kids. With it's ghetto beat and monster bass the song is something that kids
feel cool listening to. This is his first success ingredient, getting the
attention of his audience so that they will listen to his message. His message
is of course the best thing about the song. It explains to kids to "stop just
hangin out, set your self some goals, think positive, and keep hustling".
Too Short has got to the financial level he's at, by following the keys
that he describes in his song, not by following the stereotypes that parent's
turn off of the TV. Acting ghetto, for appeal, and rapping with a sweet rythym
tongue was only the bare minimum of what he needed to rise to the top of the
rapping industry. Studies show that the majority of successful people are not
lucky, nor are they geniuses. Successful people usually follow three simple
keys that are outlined in Too Short's song.
The first key to success is the ability to take action and go out and get
what you want out of this life. Too Short talk's about this when he says, "you
got to get a good job and set ...

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