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Life in ancient greece 2

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Life in ancient greece 2

Life in Ancient Greece

The way of life in Greek city-states remained mostly the same for a long time. Depending on their wealth, people in the urban center lived in low apartment buildings or single-family homes. Homes, public buildings, and temples were where people gathered for conversation and to buy food and crafts at daily markets. Citizens also lived in small villages or farmhouses scattered around the city-state's countryside. In Athens, more people lived outside the city's wall than inside.

Houses were simple, containing bedrooms, storage rooms, and a kitchen around a small inner courtyard, but no bathrooms. Waste was dumped in a pit outside the door and then collected for disposal in the countryside. Most families consisted of parents and their children, but generally no other relatives. Fathers were responsible for supporting the family by work or by investments in land and commerce. Mothers were responsible for managing the household's supplies and overseeing the slaves, who fetched water in jugs from public fountains, cooked, cleaned, and looked after babies. Light came from olive oil lamps, heat from smoky charcoal braziers. Furniture was simple and sparse, usually consisting of wooden chairs, tables, and beds.

Food was simple too; they grew olives, grapes, figs, and ...

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