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Social Issues

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, since it has been around (Began around the 18th century), consisted of three cores. These are moral, economic and political cores. These cores are the foundation of what we call . The moral core consists of a persons unalienable rights, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The economic core consists of a persons rights to produce, consume and enter into contracts through a market economy. The political core is made up of a person's right to participate in the government, associated with a representative democracy.
The ideas expressed in the moral core have been around since the times before Christianity. The main beliefs in these times were that each person should be protected, respected, and able to seek fulfillment in their lives. The Stoics and Epicureans put an individuals personal life the highest priority, above even social or political considerations.
Within the moral core there are three main ideas. An individual has certain personal liberties that guarantee protection from the government, and that everyone has the right to live under a form of law with known procedures, that corresponds to everyone, including the people in the high offices or positions. This also pertains to a person's right to think, talk, and worship in any way that they feel they need to without depriving other people of their rights. Also within the moral core exists a persons civil liberties. These are a persons right to think for themselves and learn from their own experiences without anybody obstructing their ability to do so. Civil liberties also include a person's right to express oneself, to speak ones mind, and to write and publish freely. There is also a persons social liberties that fall under the moral core of . A persons social liberties are their right to advance in society, on their own merit, not based on race, sex or religious beliefs. This opportunity should be available for everybody.
The economic core of is just as important as the moral core in that each person has the right to own property, to earn money/ improve their net worth, produce and sell goods, inheritance, and the right to enter into a contract. The economy is what resulted when the values of the economic core are put to use. The economy is controlled by the individual, who looking out for his best interests, consumes, sells, hires workers, loans or borrows money, finds work, and invests in companies or stock. The needs and wants of the individual are what control the movement of the economy or the market. The laws of quantity and demand will remove all the inferior goods, and maintain prices at a reasonable level through competition, and no government interference. The laws of quantity and demand will ...

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