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Let The Animals Go

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The annual circus comes to town in hope of providing entertainment
for family and friends. People gather from all over the community just to
admire the stunts of both animals and humans. Animals, however, play more
of an important role because their job is to perform unbelievable tricks
that captivate the audience's attention. Spectators, especially children,
become amazed at the talent and accomplishments of so many different
animals. What they do not realize, however, is the destruction and abuse
it takes for the animals to carry out such a difficult task.
The truth is, circuses do not take the animals into consideration.
It is like they are objects and their only purpose is to satisfy people.
Animals do not have a choice on whether they want to perform or not. They
are captured and forced to do what their instructors tell them which causes
the animals to live a unnatural and uncomfortable lifestyle. According to
Alison Greene, who has fought for circus animals for twenty-five years, '
there are no kind animal trainers.' (Greene). Thus, circuses should not
have the right to use animals for entertainment.
There is a high amount of abuse that lies behind the performance of
circus animals. Not only is there physical abuse, but also mental.
Maclean's Magazine finds that Veterinarian Ken Langlier becomes disgusted
with the treatment of animals in the circus. 'What he sees in circuses
often sickens him: malnourished tigers, monkeys with their fingers bitten
off, and elephants biting one another or pacing nervously.' (Brady).
Animals can not possibly like circus life. It is obvious that audiences do
not realize that animals are not acting out of love and talent. They are
entertaining such crowds because they are constrained to by their trainers.
'Animals are forced by repeated beating, food depravation, electric shocks,
solitary confinement, drugging, and other ways to obey human dominance and
learn unnatural tricks.' (Pearson). The U.S. Department of Agriculture's
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service found evidence of abuse in the
circus. Wounds inflicted by 'abusive use of an ankus (elephant hook)' were
found on many elephants, along with the mistreatment of others. (Animals
and People at the Circus). If animals had their own way, it makes sense
that they would be living in the woods where they should naturally be. I
find it hard to believe that circus animals like their lifestyle.
Another form of abuse lies within the cages of the circus animals.
Cages, sometimes are only as big as the animal. 'Circus animals spend much
of their lives in small, often dirty cages, barely able to turn around.'
Also, cages are not always kept clean or adequately supplied with food.
Animals can hardly live a normal life when one moment they forcefully
performing tricks, and the next moment they are locked up in cages. (A
Circus in America). Under these conditions, it is hard to believe that the
animals receive an adequate amount of rest after their performance. If
their cages are not properly maintained, the animals can not possibly be
comfortable. No animal should have to take part in such unfit treatment.
It is also true that animals used for circus entertainment portray
a false message to children. 'Watching ...

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