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Leonhard Euler

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Leonhard Euler

Leonhard Euler

Euler made large bounds in modern analytic geometry and trigonometry. He

made decisive and formative contributions to geometry, calculus and

number theory.

Born: 15 April 1707 in Basel, Switzerland

Died: 18 Sept 1783 in St Petersburg, Russia


Euler's father wanted his son to follow him into the church and sent him

to the University of Basel to prepare for the ministry. However geometry

soon became his favourite subject. Euler obtained his father's consent

to change to mathematics after Johann Bernoulli had used his persuasion.

Johann Bernoulli became his teacher.

He joined the St. Petersburg Academy of Science in 1727, two years after

it was founded by Catherine I the wife of Peter the Great. Euler served

as a medical lieutenant in the Russian navy from 1727 to 1730. In St

Petersburg he lived with Daniel Bernoulli. He became professor of

physics at the academy in 1730 and professor of mathematics in 1733. He

married and left Johann Bernoulli's house in 1733. He had 13 children

altogether of which 5 survived their infancy. He claimed that he made

some of his greatest discoveries while holding a baby on his arm with

other children playing round his feet.

The publication of many articles and his book Mechanica (1736-37), which

extensively presented Newtonian dynamics in the form of mathematical

analysis for the first time, started Euler on the way to major

mathematical work.

In 1741, at the invitation of Frederick the Great, Euler joined the

Berlin Academy of Science, where he remained for 25 years. ...

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