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LBJ Questions

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American History

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Ellis Lopez
Chapter 28 Section 2 LBJ Questions

1. The theme of the early days of LBJ's presidency was summarized by his quote saying 'Let us continue' referring to the work JFK had started and didn't finish.

2. The reaction of Congress towards Johnson's ideas were widely accepted and joined his cause to improve the United States.

3. The goals of the 'Great Society were to aid public education, provide medical care for the elderly and eliminate poverty.

4. LBJ had a mandate following the election of 1964 by being more aggressive in getting the public to have interest in his ideas.

5. Evidence that shows that Johnson's tax-bill cut was a success was when the GNP rose to 9.5 percent by 1966, Unemployment fell and inflation remained in check.

6. In the reading, Medicare is defined as a system that provided health care for the elderly who are over the age of 65. It now allows older people to have access to modern forms of medicine and not ...

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