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Law Of Nations: An Overview

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Legal Issues

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Human nature consists of three basic components. These are to live, to
propagate and to dominate. If Humanity was left without any other parameters,
this natural state of existence would govern its behavior. Fortunately, there
are parameters that exist. These parameters are law. The topic of this paper
addresses the type of law that operates in creating potential boundaries for
the behavior of states. This law is called the Law of Nations or international
law. Patrick Moynihan, a senator from New York, has written a book on this
subject called On the Law of Nations. His book argues that states need
international law to monitor their actions and to maintain order. He also
notes the frequent departures states do from international law. This essay
will reflect his plea to return to the norms that international law provides;
it will also discuss and identify the moral dilemmas that are present with
international law and its relationship with states.
The term "laisser aller" or "letting go" is used by Friedrich Nietzsche
to describe this state of nature, in which man resides absently of law. His
use of the term represents the struggle morality wages against nature and
reason. He equates morality in any form, with "tyranny and unreason."
Nietzsche proposes that man's natural existence be, in essence, nihilistic.
Logically, the political entity known as the state, created by man will inherit
these traits. Thus, the conclusion is that the creation and institution of
international law are in direct violation to nature.
However, international law exists and states "generally" submit
themselves to it. . Since most of this law is derived from codified norms of
states, the term submission can be used. There is a disservice committed to
humanity when the law is broken, not just to those who are weaker in the global
community but to the law itself. A violent raping of the law is committed when
it is taken in an a la carte form. The constant shifting back and forth from
international law to nature creates an incoherent system and a basis for
calling the reversion to the natural state, evil. In this setting "illegal"
unilateral action is immoral. Conversely, the adherence to the law is equally
immoral. This conclusion is drawn from the virtue of integrity. Either have a
commitment to comply with morality or completely abstain from a hypocritical
form of servicing the law with words and no conformity. Consistency, is an
extremely important factor of a system of law.
Moynihan argues that the United State has begun to traverse a path
leading away from its adherence to international law. "There is clear evidence
that the United ...

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