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Late-Onset Psychosis

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Psychosis first occurs after the age of 60 and affects 2-4% of elderly people. Late-Onset Psychosis (LOP) effects include paranoid delusions and hallucinations in the absence of a mood disorder or medical condition before the person reached the age of 60. To be able to develop a psychotic disorder that late in life is rare and caught the eye of researchers to attempt to explore this disorder and the older people living with it. The study consisted of 'seven participants between the ages of 67 and 87 years' who were interviewed because they meet the diagnostic criteria for the late-onset psychosis which was much like schizophrenia (Quin, 779). As participants spoke to researchers about their previous life experiences, the researchers gathered certain themes within them. The results were connected to being in isolation when dealing with LOP. Some themes were 'isolation over ...

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