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Landscape Of History

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The city was cloaked with the remains of winter, frigid with a subtle breeze, the kind that made you take a second breath. Spokane the town of sorrows, the town of nothing as I refer to it. Everything was either dead or holding on to the last bit of life it had left just to have a fighting chance to see the first glimpse of spring. Flowers droop with a lifeless despair, trees still naked from falls passing, birds taking shelter in old attics and abandon buildings to keep out of the blistering cold, and the people, more excited that snow had come once again to this lonely town, wishing it would give them a bigger adventure to there already useless lives. A city bound to the rules of society. A bunch of scavengers I think, searching and collecting any bit of hope they can grab to give them a better view on life, any idea they can sink there teeth into, clench tight just to forget the sinking feeling of regret that they live here. Myself, I walk to a different beat, not caring. I read this book Ham on Rye and it had me thinking of humanity and all it's useless ways, what's the point to everything if we roam around like mindless zombies, eating up anything that may come ...

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