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Lab Report 8 Baruch

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Tianhua Yu
Dr. Katash
Soap Lab report #8
oo Abstract

The purpose of this experiment is to produce soap. And the main technique mainly focuses on the following chemical equation:

As for the experiment, we use animal fat and NaOH as reactants, and the product are soap with a NaCO3 salt layer.

oo Data

Type of fat used ________Criso_________________
Weight of fat taken _________58.10____________g_
Weight of NaOH used __________8_.0_0_______g
Weight of soap formed ________52.51_______g_

Use the weight of fat taken and the reaction to find the theoretical yield (weight) of soap bar? Theoretical yield _______63.01______g

% yield = (actual yield (weight of soap formed)/theoretical yield) X 100= ________83.34___%

oo Question:

1)Why do long chain fatty acids melt higher than short chain acids?

Because short chain acids have lower intermolecular forces so that its melt point is lower.

2) Why may you use the same weight of fat in your soap preparation regardless of the type of fat-saturated or unsaturated- employed?

Fats from different sources have different percentages of the common fatty acids, and can be distinguished from one another by a quantitative analysis of these constituents

3) Why are vegetables fats (oils) liquid, while animal fats are solid?

Because vegetable fats are usually unsaturated fatty acid which means it has more C=C. C=C bond distance is shorter than C-C, ...

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