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Kosova, also know as is the disputed region between Kosova's Albanian majority and Serbia. Once an independent federal unit of Yugoslavia, it has been stripped away of its autonomy by the Serbian government. Serbian authorities have dismissed Albanians from state-owned enterprises and have suspended 's legal parliament and government. Presently there is a systematic oppression of the Albanian population in by the Serbian government, violation of the basic rights of Albanians occurs frequently.
is viewed by the Serbians as the birthplace of their history, culture and religion, but 90% of the province's 2 million people are ethnic Albanian, most of who demand independence. It is one thing to be Ethnic Albanian and a communist in in old Yugoslavia, but when the Communist Party collapsed and the Serbian nationalists took power, ethnic Albanians, lacking the protection party membership once provided, were relegated to the status of a despised minority within Serbia
The Albanians of have held free elections in which they have chosen their leadership and have expressed their determination for the independence of in the 1991 referendum, and the Kosovar parliament has declared the independence of , first from Serbia, then from the Yugoslav federation, after its disintegration.
The present crisis began in early 1998 when fighting broke out, resulting in the displacement of some 300,000 people. A cease-fire was agreed in October 1998, which enabled refugees to find shelter. A Verification Mission was deployed under the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). However, violence continued and the situation worsened with the killings in Racak on 16th January 1999
Many analysts, including the U.S. government, have warned that is a potential "power keg", and may ignite a war spreading beyond its borders with consequnces far worse than those of the war in Bosnia.
Thorough this paper I aim to state what is currently happening in , by using extracts from a daily newspaper: The Daily Star. Also using information from the Internet specifically Yahoo News which provides top stories from various news centres such as CCN and the BBC.
I will also provide a brief ...

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