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Korean war 3

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Korean war 3

Post WWII the cold war began and many problems came about. U.S. officials, concerned over Soviet pressures against Iran and Turkey, interpreted a 1946 speech by Stalin as declaring ideological war against the West. In 1947 the president proposed the Truman Doctrine, which had two objectives: to send U.S. aid to anticommunist forces in Greece and Turkey, and to create a public consensus so Americ8ans would be willing to fight the cold war. He achieved both goals. That same year, journalist Walter Lippmann popularized the term cold war in a book of the same name. In Congress there was a series of highly publicized inquiries into pro-Communist activity in the United States. The best-known investigator, Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, gave his name to an era of intense anticommunism. In 1948 the United States launched the $13 billion Marshall Plan to rebuild Western and Central Europe. When Stalin responded by extending his control over Eastern Europe and threatening the West's position in Germany, Truman helped to create a military alliance, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and to establish an independent West Germany.

War erupted in Korea on June 25, 1950, along the thirty-eighth parallel that separated North and South Korea. As North Korean units pushed deep into South Korea, the U.N. Security Council, at the instigation of the United States, condemned the North Korean invasion and later called on members to assist South Korea. That first week, President Harry S. Truman committed American forces to the conflict. Besides the preponderant American and South Korean forces, military units from fifteen other members of the United Nations fought in the conflict. MacArthur's forces succeeded ...

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