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Killer Whale, The Mighty Dolph

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Killer Whale, The Mighty Dolph

Killer Whale, a name to strike terror in the hearts of sea ferers in all the oceans of the world. The Romans called it Orca, meaning "The demon from Hell." Originally, american fisherman referred to them as "Whale Killer" because many fisherman reported seeing pods of them attacking and killing Humpback, Gray, and even Blue Whales. Somehow the name was flipped around and it became "Killer Whale."

The almost completely black whale has a strinking white underside that sometimes yellows with age. They also have white patches above/behind the eye, and behind the tall dorsal fin. This patch is known as the "saddle patch" for obvious reasons. Males weigh up to eight-thousand pounds while females weigh closer to four-thousand. The Killer Whale is also very easily identifiable as male or female. The male's dorsal fin can reach seven feet tall and stands straight up off the middle of his back. The female's dorsal fin is much shorter, usually about three feet, and instead of standing straight, forms a crecent arc on her back towards the tail.

Although Killer Whales are not used for oil-based products they have over and over again been ...

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