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Karate And Tae Kwon Do

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Through my advanced training in the martial art of tae kwon do, I have come to realize the numerous benefits that this sport has to offer. I have gained many things including knowledge of self-defense, excellent physical conditioning, and a refreshing outlook on life. The rewards are abundant, however they require an immense amount of effort to achieve. Each martial art is unique and has distinct contributions of its own. This is why it is difficult to hear people generalize they are all the same. What people do not realize is the enormous difference between the individual martial arts. Today, the two most popular martial arts in the world are . On the outside, they both seem very similar, in actuality they are on opposite sides of the spectrum.
originated in two different places for different reasons. The Korean peninsula was the setting for the development of tae kwon do. It was 1,500 years ago when a group of young men called the Silla set out to begin a new way of life. The goals of the Silla were to develop the complete mind, body, and spirit. Their daily routine consisted of self-defense, religious and educational training, and physical conditioning. These "knights" laid the roots for the expansion of tae kwon do. On the other hand, karate originated 2,000 years ago in Okinawa. It was a sport taught to the entire population as self-defense against invading armies such as the Samari of Japan. Over time, karate became a way of life for almost all of China.
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