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1. Title Page

2. Table of Contents

3. Body Structure

4. Habitat

5. Predetation

6. Reproduction

7. Family Life

8. Environmental Adaptations

9. Picture

10. Bibliography


The kangaroo has adapted to many different types of climates. The gray kangaroo has adapted to life in the grasslands. It has stronger legs for leaping. Its feet are also wide. Its snout is longer and more pointed for finding berries. It also can hear better because there are more predators like dingoes and large birds in its environment.

The smaller wallabies of Australia have adapted to dryer and higher conditions. It can go longer without water. Its claws are also sharper for finding water. Its legs are not as big or strong because they do not leap as much. Therefore, their body weight has been reduced, allowing them to be more efficient with they water they can find. They also have wider feet than the kangaroos living in wetter climates. This allows the kangaroo to be able to have more traction in the higher elevations.

The kangaroos that live in the coastal regions also have several special adaptations. They have wider feet to allow them to walk is shallow water. They can eat several different types of sea plants. They can do this because they have a higher tolerance to salt than normal kangaroos.

Kangaroos that live in forests have adapted to this climate as well. Their feet are wide to allow them to climb trees. This allows them to eat leaves off of the trees. They also do not have claws as long as other species. There is usually a larger supply of fresh water in the forests.


A group of kangaroos living together is called a mob. The dominant male of the mob is called the boomer. The females are called flyers, and the young are called joeys. They joeys of the mob like to play and fight like most other animals. The boomer is the leader of the mob and shows by "boxing" with the joeys. As the male joey reaches the age of adulthood, he will learn to fight more.

The boomer is the most important member of the mob. He mates with other females. He also controls the joeys by boxing with them. When the male joey is old enough, he will fight the boomer. If the joey wins, he becomes the boomer. If he loses, he will seek a new mob to join. There they will fight with the new boomer. If it wins, it will become the boomer of the new mob and mate.

The females are less violent than the males. They usually only fight to protect themselves of their young. They usually only mate with the boomer of the mob. Female kangaroos will fight each other occasionally. When they do, it is usually because of their joeys. When they fight, the loser will usually leave the mob. If the joey is old enough, it will stay with the mob.

The joeys fight with one another to learn and sharpen their skills. They must learn to defend themselves if they leave the mob. A female joey will fight as much as the male joey. As it gets older, it will settle down. When it is about one year old, it will mate with the boomer or sometimes with another male. The boomer will fight the male if it sees the lesser male mating with another female.


Most kangaroos live on the grasslands and deciduous forests of Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea. Some kangaroos live in or near the coastal regions. Kangaroos are herbivorous. Their diets include many grasses and short shrublike plants. They also enjoy eating berries, when they can find them. They are hunted because they eat grass that local livestock graze on.

An adult kangaroo can survive a time of several months without water. When they must find water, they dig wells. These wells litter the landscape during the dry months. Other animals will come to drink around it. If the water hole has a substantial supply of water, then other kangaroos will dig the well deeper and farther out. Then the kangaroos will create a water hole suitable for many animals to drink from daily.

The landscape the kangaroo lives on varies greatly. Some species live on the flat, fertile lands. These lands are abundant in grass and other plants. Other species of kangaroo live in higher elevations. They must have good balance and vision to be safe in their environment. Another environment kangaroos live in are the warm, coastal regions. Here, they eat different types of sea plants. They have thinner, shorter hair to keep them cool during they blazing days. They usually have to find or make water holes, because they cannot drink the salty water.

Living in these different types of environments brings upon its own kind of danger. Near coastal regions, the kangaroo must be careful not to step or leap onto coral. In the higher elevations, they must have good jumping and balance to keep from falling. They must also be more efficient, because grass is harder ...

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