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Judaism And Christianity

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are both major religions of the world. Christianity is emerged from Judaism and developed as a separate religion by the efforts of St.Paul. not only have similarities but they have also many differences concerning their concept of God, teachings and the rituals.
The concept of god is quite different in Christianity and Judaism. Judaism was based on 'oneness' of God whereas Christianity was based on 'the holly spirit' which consists of god the father, god the son and god the holly ghost. In Judaism 'Yahweh' is one god of Jesus where he is one universal god, creator and the ruler of the universe. However, at an early period, Judaism conceived of God in anthomorphic terms so Judaism was polytheistic at the very beginning. But as time went by, Yahweh become 'one' who is the creator. Moreover, in Judaism people didn't reject the existance of the other gods in the beginning but they believed in only one god. Unlike Judaism, Jesus refused to accept the existance of other gods.
are similar religions interms of basic concepts. Both in Christianity and Judaism, there is a baptism ceremony which cristians perform a ceremony of sprinkling a person with holly water. Baptism was important for both religions because people are purified from orignal sin. Easter, which is a resurrection of Christ, christmas and eucharist, which means a ritual meal of bread and wine distributed among the members, are the rituals in Christianity. On the other hand, Judaism has circumcision and passover, a holiday related to taken out of bondage as a ceremony.
Another difference between is their teachings. The teachings of Judaism were based on Torah, The Old ...

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