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Journal About Immigrant Children

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Social Issues

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Andrea Sidi-Hida
Ms. Darlene Smith-Worthington
ENG 111-S204
9 November 2015


There are many issues in today's society but many people don't realize who these issues affect and don't affect. Immigrant children get stuck with seeing what the average American child is treated like, while they get stuck with the being seen how their parents are seen. For example, if you have a Muslim child and an American child bring in the same science project, a clock working off potatoes energy; it is more likely that the Muslim child would be accused of bringing a disguised bomb. When in all actuality they both brought in a clock. Another example would be a Chinese and American child. The Chinese child would be held to higher standards in education because in our society people believe that all Chinese have an extremely high intelligence. Many people don't see how the media and web can influence racial stereotypes and ...

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